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Making a Rain Machine For Product Photography

2/25/2019 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Making a Rain Machine For Product Photography

Daniel DeArco got a lot of people asking him if he could publish a behind the scenes video about this random shoot Daniel did the other week for Valentines Day.

I threw together a homebuilt water pump that I designed, and designed a set that would make a simple flower look epic. It's an exercise every content creator should practice... the art of making boring things look exciting. -said Daniel DeArco -To me, I think that if you can use your creativity to make something at least a bit more interesting than average, then you're doing the right thing as a creative individual. I hope you guys enjoyed this not-so-serious project. Looking forward to hearing from you guys! 

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About Daniel DeArco:

I had kind of an unorthodox start in photography. Definitely not one of those, "I just, picked up a camera one day and fell in love!", kind of stories. Read my story on my website | Support me on Patreon:

Text, image and video via Daniel DeArco

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