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Top Tips: Buying Used Camera Gear

2/06/2019 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Top Tips: Buying Used Camera Gear

Buying used camera gear privately or through a company can be very intimidating if you don't know what to look out for or what questions you should be asking. In this latest video from OrmsTV, Deon chats to Clinton from the Used Gear & Rentals Department to get his expert insights on how to buy used camera equipment.

This in-depth video answers the following questions about buying used camera gear:

- What questions should you ask a seller before you even agree to meet them?
- What should you look for when buying a used DSLR camera body?
- What shutter count is acceptable?
- How do you know how hard a mirrorless camera has worked when you can't trust the shutter count?
- What should you watch out for when you buy a used camera lens?
- and more!

About OrmsTV:

Welcome to OrmsTV, the official Orms resource dedicated to supporting the passion of the photographic community in South Africa. We strive to give back to our supporters through our YouTube channel, providing quality, professional content that is both educational and informative. You can expect expert reviews of the latest camera gear and collaborative videos featuring the insight of professionals and content creators. Let's Get Connected: Blog Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Text, image and video via OrmsTV

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