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The Giant Shipping Container Camera/Darkroom

6/21/2019 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

A brief insight to Brendan Barry and the amazing multitude of cameras he's made. He recently constructed this gigantic camera out of a shipping container and has been making images with it in a park in Exeter.


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Shipping Container Camera up & running!!! A few upgrades to previous cameras included here! Fully solar powered, ventilated, fan cooled, the front wall moves entirely out of the way to allow wheelchair access, & I’ve installed a shutter in this one!! Parked up in Northernhay Gardens for the next couple of weeks running workshops with local community groups and open to the public on other days (7th, 8th, 10th, 15th & 20th June). Friday & Saturday 21st & 22nd I’m transforming it into a gallery to show the work made in it over the next couple of weeks. If you’re around pop on by! . Supported by @exetercollege @exeter_school_of_art @exeterphoenix @rammuseum @thephotographersgallery @ilfordphoto @aceagrams Design and painting by @ben_noyes from @copyrite_exmouth . #communitycamera #ultralargeformat #homemadecamera #diycamera #everybodyfilm #analogphotography #filmsnotdead #alternativeprocesses #papernegative #ilfordfilm #containercamera #shippingcontainer #ilfordphoto #cameraobscura #photographyworkshop
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About Brendan Barry:

Brendan Barry is a photographer whose creative photographic practice combines elements of construction, education, performance and participation. His work is mostly concerned with the transformation of different objects and environments into spaces capable of viewing and capturing a photographic image, using the mechanics of photography as a tool for exploration and collaboration.
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