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Behind the Film - Inside the ILFORD factory

7/14/2019 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Behind the Film - Inside the ILFORD factory

Take a look inside the HARMAN technology factory in Mobberley, England where we manufacture the ILFORD and Kentmere ranges of black and white film, photographic paper and chemicals.

ILFORD introduce you to some of the faces behind their films as they visit various parts of their factory to see how 120 and 35mm black and white films are made.

Image credits copyright Exploredinary. Shot on ILFORD HP5 Plus black and white film

About ILFORD :

For over 137 years, generations of customers have demanded the very best and this is why they continue to choose ILFORD. Operating from our manufacturing headquarters in Cheshire, UK, our products are shipped around the globe and into the discerning hands of beginners, enthusiasts, students and professional photographers as well as leading labs, classrooms and darkrooms.
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Text, image and video via ILFORD Photo | A film by Exploredinary. (Sarah Reyes & Daniel Driensky)

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