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Cheap Camera Portrait Challenge by Mango Street

8/12/2019 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Cheap Camera Portrait Challenge by  Mango Street

In this video, Mango Street shoot some portraits with a Canon t3i and an affordable 24mm and 50mm lens. Watch the results.

We’re not testing the technical aspects of the camera in this video. we’re pushing ourselves to create meaningful images with an entry-level DSLR instead of making you feel like you need the latest and greatest. sometimes when you watch a video that reviews new gear, it discourages you from wanting to shoot with the gear you have. We hope this video does the opposite - said Mango Street on their comments -

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About Mango Street:

We are Daniel Inskeep and Rachel Gulotta. We're lifestyle + wedding photographers based in Los Angeles and Chicago. We’ve been working in social media management since 2012 and have found our niche as influencers through Instagram’s platform. Let's Get Connected: | Get yourself some Mango Merch:

Image and video via Mango Street

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