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Taking Portraits of Strangers (feat. Gabrielle Motola)

8/11/2019 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Taking Portraits of Strangers (feat. Gabrielle Motola)

In this video, Sean Tucker sits down with Gabrielle Motola to hear how she goes about approaching strangers to take their portraits. This was all captured during her summer 2019 roadtrip around Scotland to create images with local people and collect their stories.


I am aware that I’m posting a lot. I’m just so excited about the work I’m making. It feels great. And it’s not even 1/10th of what I’m shooting. I need some edit days. Weeks. I’m very very behind. @ellisoconnor I still need to edit the work I made at your studio, @ic_21s I have a tonne of you over two days some of which I’ve also not even seen yet, @jj_mccann I have images to finish and deliver to @modelteamscotland and I keep shooting 400-500 frames a day. I need a routine (I resist routines). I need to slow down. Like this guy. . He was birdwatching, she was knitting. Just sitting there enjoying the view. Enjoying life. Enjoying being together and possibly my favourite, together alone. Which isn’t sad at all, it’s when you’re with the person who is happy being themselves doing their thing with you doing your thing and youre in each other’s company but not requiring anything from each other. Makes sense. . . . . . #burnmagazine #noicemag #myfeatureshoot #humanedge #somewheremagazine #tendermag #stademagazine #take_magazine #indiependentmag #imaginarymagnitude #gupmagazine #thinkveryl #doubleyedge #anothermagazine #ifyouleave #documentary #lenscultureportraits #ofhumans #photojournalism #photoobserve #portrait #portraitphotography #portraitphoto #magnumphotos #talktostrangers #connection #streetportrait #streetphotography #braces #suspenders
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Text, image and video via Sean Tucker | Photography Workshop

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