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How to React to Clients who Say ´Your Price is Too High´! (Photography)

9/04/2019 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

How to React to Clients who Say "Your Price is Too High!

How many times have you heard "You're too expensive!" Or "This other photographer charges way less than you do, can I get your services for cheaper?"

This exists in every business, not just boudoir photography, but wedding photography, portrait photography and outside of that so many other service jobs. It can be hard to maintain your confidence when someone is saying that you are not worth it.

I wanted to share my typical response when someone tells me this. It isn't rude, it isn't full of guilt, it is just a simple admission that boudoir photography IS expensive and there are other photographers out there that are cheaper and that is totally fine, but that is not you. - said Michael Sasser - I hope this helps out your boudoir business!! I know it has helped mine a bunch. 

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