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Are you living for the photo? (From a travel photographer)

11/13/2019 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Are you living for the photo?

If you’ve ever been lost, stuck or lacked inspiration as a travel photographer, even as a creative person – watch this video. "Live for the photo" is an idea Mitchell Kanashkevich got from a great book hr read recently. The concept is simple, yet profound and multifaceted.

“Living for the photo” involves adapting things, making some changes in your life. How far you want to go for your passion is totally up to you. Here, Mitchell is giving you some examples, practical steps and some food for thought.

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About Mitchell Kanashkevich:

Professional travel, documentary photographer and adventurer. Sharing the knowledge I've gained over a decade on the road, in the field with you. I try to talk about the topics that few talk about. Things that matter for growing as a photographer. Get his FREE PDF Guide : | 📸 My Travel Photography Cours - | Link to the book “Long Story Short” by Margot Leitman -

Text, image and video via his YouTube Channel mitchellkphotos

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