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Match cut Videos Like a Pro

11/18/2019 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Match cut Videos Like a Pro

Transitions are a powerful way of advancing your video smoothly and nowadays with so many tutorials online, everybody can learn complex video effects.


But if you're like Daniel DeArco and you don't like sitting at your computer all day then this video might be for you today. Daniel is going to be showing you his personal favorite match cutting.


Download link for practicing the match cuts on the keys/warmup: cut videos like a pro 

About Daniel DeArco:

I had kind of an unorthodox start in photography. Definitely not one of those, "I just, picked up a camera one day and fell in love!", kind of stories. Read my story on my website | Instagram | Support me on Patreon:

Text, image and video via Daniel DeArco

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