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Three Most Common Mistakes To Avoid When Shooting Beverages

1/08/2020 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Here is how to solve the 3 WORST mistakes in PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY

Ever wondered what types of mistakes are the most common in product photography?
Look no further, Alex Koloskov will show you the mistakes and how to solve them in a professional way! In this firts part of product photography tutorial, he will show you what is do´s and don´ts within this genre.

In the second short product photography tutorial, they are going to continue working with the bottle, adding light to the other side as well as the label. But before we do that, there’s another little trick you should know: how to ensure your dark edge gap maintains a reasonably consistent thickness as it flows from the wider bottom part of the bottle to the narrower neck.

Here is the last part where Alex Koloskov will show how to fix the problem with the bottom of bottle reflecting the table, here’s a quick tip on adding a bit more light to the logo on the bottle above the label:  Just add a reflective surface (standard fabric reflector or piece of white foam core) above the cap.

Full list of recommended gear Alex uses in studio:

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