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How to Accurately Recolour your Images (using Gradient Maps in Photoshop)

2/19/2020 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

How to Accurately Recolour your Images

In this video, Sean Tucker shares a powerful and practical technique for recolouring any item in your images accurately to a target colour. Using Gradient Maps in Adobe Photoshop, Sean recolours the make up, lipstick, nails, dress and background from a model shoot to a variety of colour options.

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About Sean Tucker:

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London based Professional Photographer and Filmmaker. Unsurprisingly, I mostly post nerdy photography stuff.

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Text, image and video via Sean Tucker | Photography Workshop

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Gradient maps are an awesome tool for colouring awkward areas too like stripes or patterned shirts. Any method that helps colour an image is useful for photo colourists. This was a super easy to understand explanation of the technique and by a master of his craft too :) Thanks, I enjoyed watching.