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Does Every Photograph have to Tell a Story? (feat. Maarten Rots)

3/16/2020 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Does Every Photograph have to Tell a Story

For this film Sean Tucker travelled to Setubal in Portugal to catch up with Maarten Rots and talk to him about his beautiful abstract photography, his pop up exhibitions, his magazine 'March & Rock', and what it's like doing all this while living the van life and travelling around Europe with his partner Anne and their little dog Laika.

Sean hopes hearing about his story and process inspires you to think more about your own photography, and perhaps abandon the notion that every image has to tell a clear story. Sometimes we can just use the camera like a painter or a designer to capture beautiful light and shape. If nothing else, Maarten teaches him to keep an eye out for the art in the everyday ordinary.


Interview with Maarten Rots:

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