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How Portraits Lie — Making your photography more truthful

3/30/2020 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

What is the purpose of a portrait?

Aristotle put forth the notion that we judge how ‘good’ something is based on how well it fulfils its intended purpose. So what does a good portrait do that a bad one fails to? What should a photographer aspire to achieve when they make a portrait of someone?

One of the most common pieces of praise we hear about portraits is when people say things like “You’ve really captured that person’s soul.” or “That photo really embodies who that person is”.  Jamie Windsor thinks this is often the general perception of what a great portrait does.

This is nonsense. One single image can't communicate the complexities, nuances, contradictions, thoughts and feelings of a human being. Jamie thinks at best this is a misunderstanding of what photography can do, and at worst, a deliberate manipulation of how an audience perceives a person or people.

To explain the latter a little more, we need to look at Dorothea Lange’s iconic image of the Migrant Mother.

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