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How To Set Up a Home Studio with Photographer Ab Sesay

3/27/2020 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

How To Set Up a Home Studio with Photographer Ab Sesay?

Follow along as Photographer Ab Sesay walks us through the necessities to build your own Home Photography Studio. He is going to show you 3 different SETUPS in the same place ( a dinner room) and how to choose the right gear. In summary, learn to use a Small Space Smartly.

00:25 Know the size of your room (think: ceiling height!)
00:50 Simplify your lighting - main and fill
01:30 What lighting and supports to use
02:29 Choosing props
03:07 Why is a meter important?
03:55 Rethinking simple things
04:30 Three setups in one
05:35 Wrapup

See results photos:

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