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10 PHOTOGRAPHY IDEAS at HOME (quarantine) by Jordi Koalitic

4/24/2020 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Jordi Koalitic

With a very personal visual style, the brothers Jordi and Arnau Puig (Jordi Koalitic), through their agency "Koalitic Visuals" have gone viral with their images, reaching over 18 million followers on different social media like TikTok or Instagram. Jordi dominates the technique: light, composition, color, postproduction, key points to achieve the most impressive image.

Undoubtedly, showing how he obtains his images to the rest of the photographers has made him have a worldwide diffusion, becoming a photographer of reference. One of his best tips and tricks, "frame your scenes".

Among his collaborations with other artists, is this video with Will Smith, who shared the making of on his YouTube channel. Jordi´s images are striking, based on a range of colors that usually focus on orange and blue.

Today Jordi shows us "ten tricks to try at home".


About Jordi.Koalitic:

Jordi.Koalitic is a creative photography project born from the creative mind of the brothers Jordi and Arnau Puig, two content creators who have created their own style and way of understanding photography reaching millions of people around the world.
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