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5 Things You NEED TO KNOW About Photography & YouTube Sponsorships

4/10/2020 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

5 Things You NEED TO KNOW About Photography & YouTube Sponsorships

In today's video, Miguel Quiles will share 5 things you need to know about photography & YouTube sponsorships that you won't hear anywhere else!

1. No such thing as "free" products, services....for sponsored photographers.

Every time you receive products from a company it is almost always in return for something that you have to provide back to them for equal or greater value. You have to spend time creating and editing content, maybe for a few dollars. Also, they can use your images for FREE, when usually they have to pay thousands of dollars to have the right to use a professional image.

2. The best ones are highly exclusive.

For example, camera companies have sponsored programs for 50 or 60 photographers....worldwide.

3. Many sponsors do not pay their ambassadors.

Photographers around the world are promoting companies for FREE on social media, then, why would some of these companies pay you to represent them.

4. Some reasons why you won´t get sponsored.

One of the big reasons why you may not get sponsored is because you do not have a big enough social media following.

5. Being sponsored won´t legitimize you as a photographer.

Your clients do not care if you are sponsored by some brand. It is great but the impact it will have on your business will not be very high.

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About Miguel Quiles:

Miguel Quiles is a New Jersey-based commercial wedding and portrait photographer who’s been involved in the industry for over 15 years, starting off first as a salesman at a local camera store. Since then, Miguel has been refining his skills and pushing the limits of his creative abilities. Let's Get Connected:

Image and video via Miguel Quiles

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