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How To Step UP Your Homemade GLAMBOT Camera Setup

4/22/2020 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

How To Step UP Your Homemade GLAMBOT Camera Setup

Everyone’s been building their homemade glambots for their perfect TikTok shot. Kitty (from Atola Visuals ) wanted to see what she could do using his Nikon Z6 and Moza Aircross 2 gimbal, to take her gambit to the next level.

This homemade glambot camera setup was kind of pieced together in an awkward way, but it worked! She basically took a C stand grip to hang her Moza Aircross 2 on.

 I safety chained it with some peak design anchors and wrist straps and swung the setup using a rope! I honestly didn’t know what to expect with the footage coming out of this camera setup, but I was able to get that slo-mo in 1080p 120fps, using my Nikon Z6. I think it came out pretty good! What do you guys think? - said Kitty-

Cole Walliser Reacts to Homemade GlamBOTS!

For cool BTS, check out the man responsible for the Glambot, Cole Walliser!

Text, image and video via atola visuals and Cole Walliser

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