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DIY product photography at home - light painting product photography tutorial

6/13/2020 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

DIY product photography at home - Carl from Gadgets and Tech is using only a small keychain flashlight in this light painting product photography tutorial.

At the end of this tutorial, Carl will give you some camera settings to get started if you want to paint with light and make your own product photography at home.

He used a bottle as a product for this specific product photography tutorial, but you can of course use any product and paint with light using only a small flashlight.

For this photoshoot, he used both his Sony a6400 and a5100 but you can use any camera that allows long exposures with manual shutter time. Long exposure is essential for light painting photography. This is a perfect photography tutorial for beginners because you will get to know your camera and use the manual settings.

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