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Panasonic Lumix S5 Review: BETTER than Sony a7 III, but one MAJOR problem...

9/04/2020 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

The Panasonic S5  is a $2,000 full-frame mirrorless camera with 24 megapixels, sensor stabilization, 4k/30 (and 4k/60 cropped) video, eye detect autofocus. Those specs *almost* exactly match the Sony a7 III , which has been maybe the best-selling full-frame mirrorless camera since it was released in 2018. 

Shockingly, the S5 is BETTER than the Sony a73! The rear screen is better, the viewfinder is better, the controls are quicker. Image quality, video quality, etc., are basically identical, but let's face it, none of that has really improved on any camera for several years. Where we're seeing improvements now is in autofocus and usability, where the S5 makes drastic improvements. 


0:00 Introduction
0:41 General/Travel Photography 
1:08 Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) 
1:21 Tilt vs flip screen 
1:47 Shooting experience (controls) 
2:18 Battery life 
2:41 L-mount lenses 
3:06 Panasonic S5 vs S1 
3:28 Panasonic S5 vs Nikon Z5 
3:42 Video capabilities 
4:29 Video autofocus 
6:15 Portraits 
9:19 AMAZING original song 
9:30 Summary

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