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5 MISTAKES That Will KEEP You From Growing as a Landscape Photographer

12/11/2020 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In this video Michael Shainblum shares the 5 Mistakes he has made in the past. Things that he has learned from to become a better photographer. Maybe a few that he is still guilty of for his landscape photography. Not only do Michael shares a few tangible tips in here, but also a few mental tips as well.

TIP #1: Not getting to know the landscape. 
TIP #2: Shooting everything wide.  
TIP #3: Letting others control your art.  
TIP #4: Comparing your work to others. 
TIP #5: Not getting enough help, when you need it.  
What is YOUR biggest mistake that you have made?
Text, image and video via Michael Shainblum