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Cinematic Lighting in Small Spaces on a Budget

12/13/2020 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Part 2 of his Cinematic Lighting in Small Spaces on a Budget (that's a lot of words) takes a look at a few breakdowns on some setups shot with tiny LED panels - in particular, the Godox M1. Tiny panels like this are extremely useful for getting into tight spaces and for placing just out of frame - not to mention, these days they have a decent light output and a range of colour and effects options available.


If you're looking at lighting a small space on a budget, these types of lights can be lifesavers, as there's way less of struggle to fit them into tighter spaces - and if you need to mix colour temperatures, you can just do that with a button - rather than buying and setting up gels. Extremely useful lights to have to hand, not just for a low budget, but for any budget! 
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About  Rob Ellis:

 I’m a cinematographer from the South West of England, UK, specialising in professional, cinematic video. I love producing unconventional, creative work and my efforts range from music videos, to short film, to promotional content for shops and companies.. Let's Get Connected: | Facebook | Instagram

Text, image and video via  Rob Ellis

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