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Cropping Mistakes: Bad Portrait Crops & How to Fix Them

2/07/2021 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Let’s bend some of those rules we just laid down and talk about some of my favorite crops for portraits. The video best demonstrates where exactly I like to crop but I am going to summarize it bullet form here:

  • Cropping right at the shin, not a joint and the leg tapers down to the ankle
  • Mid-thigh, once again where the leg tapers down to the knee
  • Upper Torso, mid-chest
  • Bridge of the nose, for tighter shots of the face and upper body (ties, cufflinks, jewelry)
  • Mid Hair crop, just enough to see that the person had hair, not right at the hairline or forehead.

Hopefully, this helps clear up the misconceptions and common mistakes we see with portrait cropping. If you’re looking for more of in-depth posing references make sure you check out our Complete Posing Workshop in SLRL Premium.

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