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Learn About The Iphone Cinematic Techniques That Make Your Videos Great Movies

2/21/2021 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

A house painter rings the doorbell of a large mansion ... and gradually realizes that he is the victim of a misunderstanding. 

The Painter, a short film by J.B. Braud, is part of a campaign for Apple France to showcase the cinematic qualities of the iPhone 12 in all circumstances, including low light conditions. 

During the making of the film, cinematographic techniques of lighting and sound are used, which undoubtedly improves the final result.

The Behind the Scenes:

Learn about the iPhone cinematic techniques - such as lighting, framing, and camera movement - and film like in the movies thanks to the secrets of the pros.
Parts of the Behind the Scenes:

00:55 Chiaroscuro
01:50 The traveling
02:23 The spun panoramic
02:54 The aerial plan

If we don't tell you, would you distinguish that the short film was recorded only with an iPhone?

Video, text and image via Charlie Frank Creative and Apple France