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iPhone Photography Tricks for Shooting Cars

3/28/2021 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Everyone knows you can take a bad photo with a great camera — we’ve all done it. But the inverse is true as well —  in the right set of conditions, you can take a fantastic photo with a mobile phone camera. photographer Kevin McCauley is going to show you how to find those conditions. 

Working around the limitations of the iPhone camera forced him to find creative perspectives and new ways to depict a scene, and it made me a better photographer.

This guide isn’t limited to iPhones, he thinks this applies to all mobile photography, but ‘iPhone’ makes for a punchier title! This is definitely not an 'ad' for the iPhone — the whole point is that the camera itself isn’t that important. 

Obviously, your camera does make a difference, and for print, or larger digital format, a mobile phone camera is not ideal. The point is that there’s so much you can do to better your own skills before you run into hardware limitations — and also that working around those mobile phone camera limitations can make you better at analyzing a scene and working creatively.

Special thanks to Toni Scott for filming assistance:

About Kevin McCauley:

Capturing The Machine is a video journal of automotive photographer Kevin McCauley. On this channel, I will talk about automotive photography, experiences from the industry, and the quirks and ins-and-outs of my Porsche 911 SC and Lexus IS300 Sportcross, as well as other cars I come across. Being around cars has been a hobby and a job, so over the years every outlet of my skillset has sort of ended up being funneled toward cars. It's given me some unique perspectives and experiences to share.★★★ Let's Get Connected: |  Instagram  ★★★

Text, image and video via capturingthemachine

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