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This Adobe Feature Kills High Resolution Cameras? The A7SIII & R6 BEAT the A7RIV & R5 for Stills

4/01/2021 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

 Dan Watson never thought he would say this but Adobe Enhance has eliminated the need for high resolution cameras!!! These High ISO tests will blow you away.

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About Dan Watson:

I have been in the videography and photography industries for 15 years and created LearningCameras to share and learn more about the industry with you.  I appreciate the value of gear and how it allows you to provide the best to your clients or to help you grow in your passion. Photography is a journey and I hope to share my journey with you as I continue to learn and grow throughout this process. No matter if your just beginning with your first real camera or a seasoned professional looking for a thorough review, I am here to help. By Dan Watson

Text, image and video via Dan Watson

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