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6 IMPORTANT Composition Tips for BETTER PHOTOS

5/01/2021 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

After working in the advertising industry for over 35 years and capturing campaigns for some of the largest companies in the world, Joel Grimes has discovered six basic Rules of Composition that are you can easily implement into creating amazing images of your own!

In this video, you'll learn 6 basic rules of composition that will drastically improve your photography.

You've probably heard about composition, you may have even tried to learn about grids, phi, rule of thirds, the Fibonacci sequence, foreground vs. background, and on, and on. But how can you learn, in a useable and doable way, concepts, tricks, and tips that will allow you to become a better photographer and improve every image you take?

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About Joel Grimes:

Commercial photographer Joel Grimes has nearly thirty years of experience in the field. Throughout his successful career, Joel's assignments have taken him to every state across the USA and to over fifty countries around the globe. Aside from his commercial work, Joel views himself as an ambassador for the photographic creative process, teaching hands-on workshops around the world as a Canon Explorer of Light. If you enjoyed this video, check out his Academy. He has over 100 tutorials with new ones releasing monthly. Visit to see more!  | See my other photography courses here:

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