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Depth of Field with Large Format Photography

7/04/2021 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Today's focus is that area of acceptable focus in a photograph we refer to as depth of field. While the first and easiest to control factor for DoF is our lens' aperture, there are several other elements that factor in:

  • Lens Focal Length
  • Apeture (F-Stop)
  • Distance to Subject
  • and Circle of Confusion *cue groaning noises* 

Large format is known for it's *look", but there's more to it than ridiculously shallow depth of filed and swirly "BOKEH". What if you're trying to capture a landscape with deep depth of field? Fortunately, large format has a few extra tricks to help maximize your camera's DoF potential!

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Text, image and video via Mat Marrash