Master Any Lighting Setup With The Help Of set.a.light 3D

This Impressive Technique will Quickly Transform Any Landscape Photo!

7/14/2021 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

In this video, photographer Mark Denney reviews two different Dodge and Burn techniques both inside of Lightroom. One is more of a beginner approach while the other is an advanced technique using Range Masks, but both are highly effective when it comes to shaping the light in your landscape images.

About Mark Denney:

My passion for landscape photography has grown from my love of the great outdoors. The serenity and therapeutic nature are perhaps what I enjoy most about it. I treasure the complete process that landscape photography requires, from the on-location aspect of actually traveling and taking the image to the post processing workflow of Lightroom and Photoshop.  Let's Get Connected: |  Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Text, image and video via Mark Denney


Thanks for the tutorial video - I think people often underestimate what you can do in Lightroom, it's a powerful tool if you know what you're doing!