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Step by Step Guide on How to Mint an NFT as a Photographer

8/01/2021 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

This is a bit different for the channel, but being that I'm newly in the NFT space. Mike Gray thought it would be great as a photographer to spread the word about NFT's to those who are unfamiliar. Or inspire photographers who've been wanting to explore the space to do so! 


About Mike Gray:

Mike Gray I'm a filmmaker, actor, and film photographer based in Los Angeles. I’ve always been inspired by the arts.  So much so, that I moved to Los Angeles and have been running the “big race” since 2010. Acting, Filmmaking, and Photography is what makes ya boy happy. At the end of it all that’s what matters most, right?
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Text, image and video via Mike Gray


Unknown said...

Thank you for the introduction to NFTs!!!! Your introduction was easy to understand (if even I got it!!) I finally stopped shooting sports to shoot my passion work and finally have been accepted into a local gallery. Foot traffic is low because of COVID-but I sold my first piece last month.

I have images from a shoot that I believe are so marketable that if they went on social media-they would be screen saved and I would loose control of. These are the perfect images to start with putting on the NFT platform. But the research articles on NFTs had been piling up.
Now, I have to get cracking getting a crypto wallet/account. How do I get an “Invitation to a platform such as “Foundation” if I don’t already know anyone on a platform?