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How to Add Motion to Your Fashion Shoots by Lindsay Adler

11/17/2021 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In fashion photography, it is easy for everything to start looking ‘pose-y’ and static. Adding movement to your fashion shoots can breathe life and energy into your images, yet it can be hard to control! Imagine your subject twirling around to create a billow to a dress… it can be really hard to get the dress, the expression, and the pose to all come together successfully with such random motion. 

Instead, Lindsay Adler suggests prompts that coach the subject into smaller, repeatable movements. The key concept here is repeatability! If it is a movement the subject can do over and over again, this allows her to coach small tweaks to the pose each time until we get the perfect shot! 

Here are her three most common prompts:
1. Bounce Step
2. Snap to Pose
3. Fall Through

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