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Light Painting Tutorial With Dominykas Liberis (FULL EDIT WALKTGHROUGH)

11/21/2021 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Light painting can be a very tricky method to light up your car photography with, bringing in-depth, creativity and avoiding a flat boring look can also be very daunting, in this light-painting tutorial, Dominic is going to show us his lighting technique and the photoshop post-processing work that goes with it.

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Moe Zainal - Official collaborator card: 

Moe Zainal is an Automotive Photographer & a Digital Marketing Hero from the little island - Bahrain. Captivating Carreras. Alluring Audis. Photographically capturing vehicles in still frames is an acquired taste.
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Text, image and video via Moe Zainal  | 🔗 Dominykas Instagram