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Alternative Black and White Photography Backgrounds

1/25/2022 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments


Join Daniel Norton OnSet as he shows you great alternatives to create black and white backgrounds for your photography. Using Duvetyne, a flame-resistant black fabric often used to block bright light (the same material flags are made from), Daniel shows you how to create a stark black background that will stay black even when directly lit by your key light.

 For a beautiful clean white background, Daniel used Savage Translum, a translucent heavy-duty plastic-like background that can be lit from behind to create not just a clean white background, but a glow that surrounds your subject. Paper backdrops in black and white do a great job, but to level up your portrait and other work Duvetyne and Translum may be the best backgrounds.

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About Daniel Norton:

I am a NYC based Photographer, educator, lighting consultant and filmmaker. This channel will be the home to my short films, BTS video of photo shoots and instructional videos on Lighting, Photography and Cinematography.

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