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How Should You Shoot Cocktails? 5 Setups for Shooting Delicious Food

3/26/2022 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Lighting can change everything, taking a scene from average to exceptional, or in our case… mouth-watering! 

In this Syrp Lab Quick Tip,  they teach you 5 setups for shooting delicious food, a video that might be perfect for your next client or commercial. Syrp Lab will cover lighting, production design, camera settings, motion, and a few tricks and hacks too.

Although the tutorial is designed to create dynamic videos, all the elements that are explained are perfect to apply to our photographs. The principles are the same.

1. Vintage Motel

For their first shot, they are going to be doing a very 60s shady motel-inspired look, something that's very popular now for like bistros small bars, and even some food magazines.

for that classic single shadow coming from the glass, we want to make sure that only one light is hitting the table.  You want to be careful with the positioning of your lights.

2. Food Magazine

For number two they are going to be shooting in the style of a contemporary food magazine like Bon App├ętit or New York Times. To achieve this they are going to be using large matte geometric objects, something like a plinth, some background paper, and simple soft light that gives a nice diffusion over the subject.

3. Sci Fi

Next up, they are going to be doing a shot that is heavily inspired by Sci-Fi lighting. The key elements of this are going to be a black background, some nice backlighting, and a reflection of the product directly under production design.

4. Library

For their fourth shot, they going to be doing an afternoon library-type scene to create this look. We're going to be keeping three things in mind,  soft motivated light, complementary production design, and depth of field.

5. Summer Cocktel

For shot number five they are going to be doing something very sunny and outdoorsy. Something you do for a summary add or post the key part of this is going to be creating some leaf shadows, giving the illusion that we're in a very sunny plant-filled environment.

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Text, image and video via Syrp YouTube Channel.