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Shooting Beauty with Clam Shell Lighting

3/23/2022 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Clamshell is one of Peter's favorite lights for creating beauty portraits. He first did this nearly 16 years ago. Now, he has decided to go back and use the very very first light he ever used.  In this video, Peter shows you how he sets this lighting up using two softboxes. So he has just got a strip light at the bottom and a big octa on top. 

At first, Peter uses only the stripbox to find the correct exposure on the neck, and then he adds the upper light. It is not possible to provide you the ratios that he uses, because the secret is to adjust the amount of light that the person needs for each portrait, there is no exact formula.

Basically what he is trying to do is, the top light is going to fix all the problems the bottom light created,  but still leave an interest in her collarbone in that area

And something very interesting, Peter also shows you how to create his halo effect without editing!

About Peter Coulson:

Peter specializes in beauty, fashion and fetish Photography with a large emphasis in black & white post-processing. He world-renowned images are instantly recognizable and range in style while fusing the latest fashion trends with his personal conceptual reflections. Peter's images are strong, sensual and mysteriously elegant with a twist of my screwed-up sense of humour. Let's Get Connected: |  Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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