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Take Better Portraits with NEGATIVE FILL

3/05/2022 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

A short time ago we published another video about negative light, but it is always interesting to know another point of view. Steven Schultz wants to break down what exactly negative fill is and how you can use it in your photography to add shape and contrast to your subjects.

What we are going to do is first show typical three-point lighting, in which we add fill light to the main light. The next thing he is going to do is remove lights and finally add a giant square of black fabric that absorbs the extra light.

Negative fill is the exact opposite of that instead of raising exposure, it reduces exposure on the non-dominant side of your subject's face and increases the shadows and shape that your subject's face has
like we mentioned earlier.

With this video, Steven Schultz would like to inspire you to experiment with negative fill and also just think outside the box.

 You don't have to feel as if you need to buy expensive lighting or equipment to make cool portraits, sometimes it's actually more important to understand how to take away the light that's already there.

About Steven Schultz:

As a kid, I often observed my mom document our family's memories with a camcorder. Something about that hit home with me, so I bought my first camera in eighth grade, just to give it a try. Twelve years and countless photos later, I still use a camera to preserve memories and tell stories; except now, I do it for a living. | Instagram Twitter.

Image and video via Steven Schultz