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Building a Next-Level Camera: Get a 35 mm f/0.4 for $190

7/31/2022 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

One of the brightest lenses on the market is the Carl Zeis 50mm f/0.7 lens ( Carl Zeiss Super-Q-Gigantar 40mm f/0.33 is increible too), but it's also one of the most expensive, costing around $200,000. Matt (DIYPerks) always seeks to surprise us and one of his areas of experimentation is the image. So the challenge was simple, how to get incredible bokeh at a reasonable price, the solution is the DIY Perkiscope Camera.

With this project, Matt gets at an incredible price, only 190 dollars, a lens equivalent to a 35mm f/0.4. Keep an eye on his channel, because very soon he will have the plans available so you can build one for yourself.

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