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Mobile Phone Photography + LIGHTROOM MOBILE and PHOTOSHOP on the iPad

12/31/2022 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments


Glyn Dewis is amazed by the high quality of the files produced by modern smartphones, such as the iPhone 14 Pro Max, as well as the ease of the editing workflow. To capture long exposures, Glyn used a tripod and a Smallrig Universal Holder with ARCA Swiss plates to hold the phone steady. He utilized the camera function in the Lightroom mobile app and adjusted the length of the long exposure using a slider in the app. While this option is only available for iOS devices, Glyn recommended alternative apps for Android users.

Glyn emphasized the importance of taking multiple photographs to capture various waves and motion in the sea and talked about the convenience of automatically syncing the photographs with other devices through Lightroom Mobile. He described editing the photographs on his mobile devices using Lightroom Mobile and Photoshop, and the ability to easily sync the edits across all devices. He also mentioned using Lightroom CC on his desktop computer for editing but emphasized the flexibility and convenience of the mobile workflow.

Overall, Glyn highlighted the accessibility and convenience of mobile photography, making it a viable option for both amateur and professional photographers. He pointed out that, just over 15 years after the release of the iPhone and the emergence of smartphones, the quality of files produced by modern devices is significantly better than his first DSLR camera. The ease of the mobile workflow allows for editing on the go and the ability to seamlessly sync edits across devices.

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