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Lighting Patterns You Should Know: Short Lighting

4/05/2023 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments


Daniel Norton is going to talk about short lighting today. Short lighting is one of his favorite lighting patterns.


Short lighting is basically dramatic lighting. This is the lighting we want to use when we want to bring some drama into the scene. There are lots of other reasons people talk about it - it narrows the face, it widens the face - what does that? Well actually can’t do both hit it, it narrows I guess but that’s not why he uses it. He uses it for drama and he’ll show you how to do it real simple.

Basically, short lighting is when you’re lighting the side of the face that is opposite the camera so the person is not looking directly at you. If you’re looking directly at you, you can’t be short lighting them so she’s going to look off I guess this way slightly.

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About Daniel Norton:

I am a NYC based Photographer, educator, lighting consultant and filmmaker. This channel will be the home to my short films, BTS video of photo shoots and instructional videos on Lighting, Photography and Cinematography.

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Image and video via Daniel Norton Photographer