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Fastest Biggest Cheapest Diffuser for Outdoor Photography and Video

5/14/2023 Matt 0 Comments

Insanely FAST SETUP, super easy to use, and softbox type lighting for photography and video indoors and outdoors. This diffuser costs very little and is HUGE in size and if used correctly, can withstand a bit of wind also. It's very lightweight, fun to use and so simple anyone can use it. 

If you want to set up soft lighting FAST for Youtube video vlogging, nothing beats this lighting modifier for ease of use, convenience, lightweight, low cost, and super fast setup. Works with sunlight, strobes, and video lights. Just amazing. Great for travel, hiking, and location shooting. Takes up very little space in luggage. You can even take it as free carry-on on most flights. Don't roll your eyes, it works!

Text,image and video via MarkusPix