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The Simplicity of Shooting with Natural Light: Unleashing Creativity with Minimal Gear

5/20/2023 Matt 0 Comments

Often, we find ourselves shooting in elaborate studios with an array of lighting equipment and modifiers, but what about those who don't have access to such resources? Can you still create inspiring photographs? The answer is a resounding yes!  Nathan Elson breaks things down to the bare essentials and witnesses the captivating portraits created with minimal gear.

This photo series serves as a testament to the fact that a giant studio or expensive lighting gear is not a prerequisite for creating captivating portraits. With just a camera, natural light, and a sprinkle of creativity, you can embark on a rewarding photographic journey. 

Minimalism allows you to focus on the essence of your subject, emphasizing emotion and storytelling. It's a reminder that the most important aspect of photography lies within the photographer's vision, not the equipment at hand.

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About Nathan Elson:

I'm a commercial photographer based out of Calgary, AB. My YouTube channel will be a place for my behind the scenes, Q&A, and whatever else happens to make it into video form that seems like people might be interested in viewing. Let's Get Connected: | LIGHTROOM & CAPTURE ONE PRESET PACKS: | STUDIO LIGHTING WORKSHOP 

Image and video via Nathan Elson