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Exploring the Future: How AI Revolutionizes Photography

6/18/2023 Matt 1 Comments

In the realm of photography, advancements in technology continue to shape and redefine the way we capture and create images. One remarkable innovation that is revolutionizing the field is the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Wedding photographer Sam Hurd shares his experience with Mid-journey, which has transformed his workflow and inspired new creative possibilities. In this video, he delves into the world of AI-powered photography and explores the potential it holds for photographers everywhere.

Image and video via sam hurd photography


Tarhibit said...

AI can identify and analyze objects, people, and scenes within images. This capability enables features like automatic face detection, subject tracking, and scene recognition. It can help photographers capture precise moments or automatically adjust camera settings based on the detected scene. After all, the scenario will be fascinating. Let's see.