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Money-Making: The Lighting Setup That Drives Profit in Fashion & Beauty Photography

6/21/2023 Matt 0 Comments

In the world of fashion and beauty photography, finding a lighting setup that consistently generates revenue is crucial for photographers. Renowned photographer Lindsay Adler reveals the lighting setup that has proven to be the most profitable throughout her impressive career spanning over two decades. This article delves into the details shared by Lindsay Adler, providing valuable insights into creating a lighting setup that not only flatters the subject but also enhances versatility, making it ideal for capturing group shots. Let's explore the lighting secrets that contribute to Lindsay Adler's success.

Lindsay Adler emphasizes the importance of utilizing a broad soft light source to create a flattering and versatile lighting setup. To achieve this, she employs an 8x8 foot Westcott scrim, which acts as a massive soft light source. The diffusion material on the scrim ensures that the light spreads evenly, resulting in beautiful illumination. The larger the light source compared to the subject, the softer the light. By using this extensive scrim, Lindsay creates a stunning, uniform lighting effect that works well for catalog shoots, lookbooks, and other projects that showcase clothing.

About Lindsay Adler:

Fashion photographer Lindsay Adler has risen to the top of her industry as both a photographer and educator. Based in New York City, her fashion editorials have appeared in numerous fashion and photography publications. As a photographic educator, she is one of the most sought after speakers internationally, teaching on the industry's largest platforms and most prestigious events, having been named one of the top 10 best fashion photographers in the world.
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