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Street Photography for Introverts

7/31/2023 Matt 0 Comments

Street Photography for Introverts

In the realm of photography, every genre brings its own challenges and rewards. Street photography stands out as an exhilarating yet unpredictable pursuit. This article follows the experiences of an introverted individual with limited exposure to street photography, shedding light on the difficulties faced when capturing the raw essence of the streets through the camera lens.

Composition and Patience:

Embracing their introverted nature, Mango Street sought alternative approaches to capturing candid moments without direct interactions. They discovered the value of finding a compelling composition and exercising patience. By waiting for subjects to organically enter the frame, they maintained the authenticity of the street's essence.

Silent Shooting Mode for Stealth:

In the technologically advanced year of 2023, they harnessed the benefits of a mirrorless camera with silent shooting mode. This discreet feature allowed them to move unnoticed, reducing the chances of unwarranted attention or the need to interact extensively with others while capturing moments.

Channeling Your Inner Vivian Meyer:

To infuse their street photography with a vintage touch, Mango Street explored the realm of old waist-level viewfinder cameras. These classic devices allowed them to pay homage to the legendary street photographer Vivian Meyer, lending a distinct flair to their work and forging a connection with the past.

Asking for Permission:

Contrary to conventional street photography practices, they adopted a more personable approach. They found it easier, as an introvert, to ask people for permission before taking their photographs instead of capturing candid shots without consent. While some may argue for complete candidness, seeking permission aligned with their personal values and provided an opportunity for meaningful human connections.


The journey into street photography, although challenging, pushed the introverted photographer to grow both artistically and personally. Embracing their introversion, Mango Street found their unique method of capturing the spirit of the streets while respecting the subjects' boundaries. Street photography is an art that thrives on observation, unveiling the beauty of everyday life.

To all fellow introverted photographers, the call to explore street photography is worth heeding. Embrace the unpredictability of this genre, set realistic expectations, and find your distinctive approach to capturing the essence of the streets. Remember, photography is an intimate expression of oneself, encapsulating moments frozen in time. Happy shooting!

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About Mango Street:

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Image and video via Mango Street