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How The Most Expensive and Luxurious Professional Photo Books Are Made

9/04/2023 Matt 1 Comments

In this captivating journey, Alan Schaller embarks on a voyage to the enchanting city of Verona, Italy. The lens is focused on the mesmerizing process of crafting their book 'Metropolis' in collaboration with EBS Editoriale Bortolazzi Stei. Notably, EBS has lent its expertise to printing works of acclaimed photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Annie Leibovitz, SebastiĆ£o Salgado, Peter Lindbergh and Elliot Erwitt. 

Most photographers today share their work on social media platforms, but Alan Schaller believes in the power of print. He understands that there is something magical about seeing your work come to life on the pages of a book.

Editoriale Bortolazzi Stei The most expensive, biggest and heaviest book of the history
EBS printed Helmut Newton's SUMO

EBS printed Helmut Newton's SUMO. It is considered to be one of the most expensive and luxurious books ever published, with a limited edition of 10,000 copies. Benedikt Taschen originally published "Sumo" in 1999, and the entire inventory of 10,000 signed copies was promptly snapped up by eager collectors.

Editoriale Bortolazzi Stei | Image by Alan Schaller

The tints used to print books of these famous photographers are highly customized to the individual photographer's work. This is because the goal is to reproduce the photographer's vision as accurately as possible. The printer will work with the photographer to select the right shades of gray and black, as well as the right paper, to create a book that is both visually stunning and faithful to the original images.

In the editorial, the photographer, Alan Schaller, worked with the printer, EBS, to create a custom gray tone for his book, Metropolis. This gray tone was specifically designed to complement the dark and moody atmosphere of Alan's photographs. The printer also used special paper,  which is known for its deep blacks and rich details.

The level of customization that goes into printing books of famous photographers is evident in the care and attention to detail that is taken at every step of the process. From the selection of the inks and paper to the fine-tuning of the images, the printer is committed to creating a book that is a true work of art.

Images and video via Alan Schaller


Tarhib said...

The cost of a luxury photo book can vary depending on the size, number of pages, materials used, and level of customization. However, they typically start at several hundred dollars and can go up to several thousand dollars. Thanks for the info.