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Unveiling Cinematic Magic: Creating a Noir Detective Story on a Shoestring Budget

9/11/2023 Matt 0 Comments

In their small studio, Udi Tirosh and DIYPhotography embark on a journey into the world of a detective investigating a boxer's ominous ties to the mob. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of creating cinematic enchantments with a limited budget and space limitations.

Setting the Stage

If you've ever made a video on a really tight budget, you're probably familiar with the strategy of asking for help from family and friends (and visiting the dollar store). They borrowed the typewriter from a friend, bought an ashtray at the dollar store, and used a bottle from his own collection.

To create the volumetric rays, Udi created two gobos out of foam core: a set of blinds and an industrial fan. The foam core is very budget-friendly, allowing for plenty of creative experimentation.

To make this happen, the team worked on creating 3D light effects that would move smoothly across the screen. They used a smoke machine - the SmokeGENIE - to create a cinematic atmosphere.

Now, let's unravel the enchantment of volumetric light. This is where the smoke plays a pivotal role. By filling the room with controlled haze, Udi transformed the rays into tangible elements.

A valuable tip: Volumetric light is most effective when complemented by a backlight. Thus, the blinds were strategically placed behind the table, further enriching the noir atmosphere. 

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