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All Photographers Should Watch These 5 Documentaries

10/16/2023 Matt 0 Comments

Documentary films about photographers have played an invaluable role in shaping the author's growth as a photographer. These documentaries were like a time capsule, offering insights into the minds and creative processes of accomplished photographers. This collection of voices and stories became a wellspring of inspiration for the author, enriching their understanding of photography and the artistry behind it.

To assist others in their exploration of this enriching world, Alex shares a list of their favorite photographer documentaries that are readily available on YouTube.

Edward Steichen Documentary:

Edward Steichen, a legendary photographer, and artist, is a favorite of the author. The documentary is from the American Masters series, featuring Steichen during the twilight of his career. He shares his experiences and insights, spanning a prolific career that touched on landscape photography, pictorialism, fashion, and war photography. 

Andreas Feininger Documentary:

Andreas Feininger's work has a technical aspect that might initially seem daunting. However, the documentary provides an accessible gateway to his photography. He shares his thoughts on lens choices and creative use of aperture, making photography concepts clearer for the audience.

William Klein Documentary:

William Klein is celebrated for his candid and sometimes gritty portrayal of the city. This documentary delves into his work, discussing the sensitivity he brought to subjects and his approach to photographing the urban landscape.

Fred Herzog Documentary:

Fred Herzog's color photography stands out for its nostalgic feel and densely packed frames. Through the documentary, Herzog discusses his transition from black and white to color photography and the importance of serendipity in photography. His insights provide a fresh perspective on the medium.

Joel Meyerowitz Documentary:

Joel Meyerowitz is considered one of the most significant photographers of the last half-century. His contributions to photography extend beyond his captivating images, encompassing educational efforts. The documentary allows the audience to tap into his wisdom, from the emotional aspects of photography to his eloquent explanations of the art.

These documentaries not only shed light on the photographers' techniques and artistic journeys but also reveal the emotional and intellectual dimensions of photography. They offer a glimpse into the minds of these visionaries, providing inspiration and valuable insights for photographers of all levels.

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