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Turning a Fish Market into a Fashion Photoshoot Location: The Artistry of Sails Chong

11/05/2023 Matt 0 Comments

In his latest video, acclaimed photographer and Phase One ambassador Sails Chong takes us on a captivating journey behind the scenes of his latest photoshoot. What makes this shoot truly remarkable is not just the stunning model or the play of light, but rather Sails Chong's visionary approach in transforming the Surabaya Fish Market into a picturesque setting for a high-fashion photoshoot. 

Sails Chong's latest behind-the-scenes video not only provides a glimpse into his creative process but also serves as a reminder that with the right perspective and imagination, any location can be transformed into a breathtaking backdrop for fashion photography.

It's a lesson in breaking free from self-imposed limitations due to budget constraints, equipment availability, or location options. Chong's ability to create magic in an unconventional setting reminds us that artistry knows no boundaries.

Camera: Phase one XF / IQ4150 
Light: Broncolor Siros L 400 
Producer: Rphotography @rhportrait
Molde: Mille @milleanst
Fashion Stylist: Zaza @styledwithzaa
Makeup: Jennifer @jennifercandra__
Collaboration with Giovanni photographer

Image and video via Sails Chong