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FILM PHOTOGRAPHY: 3 Great Things About It

1/23/2024 Matt 0 Comments

In a world dominated by digital technology, Van Neistat's love for film photography is a refreshing reminder of the enduring magic found in the simplicity of capturing moments on film.

Film Cameras are Cool

Van Neistat's journey into film photography begins with a genuine appreciation for the coolness embodied by film cameras. Delving into the nostalgic allure of vintage equipment, he shares the excitement of acquiring a refurbished camera from a Japanese shop on eBay. The tactile pleasure of handling these mechanical wonders, complete with their unique sounds and quirks, becomes a source of joy for Van. 

The Process of Your Local Photo Shop

One aspect of film photography that Van particularly cherishes is the journey to his local photo shop.  The local photo shop becomes a sacred space where Van eagerly drops off his rolls of film, relishing in the anticipation of the prints to come. 

Photo Albums

Beyond the act of capturing moments on film, Van Neistat finds profound joy in the process of creating photo albums.  The meticulous organization of prints in chronological order is a labor of love for Van, requiring sleuthing through memories and cherishing moments captured in time. As he dives into the process of making albums, he shares his unique approach to preserving memories – a journey that transcends the digital realm and finds fulfillment in the tangible, physical form of printed photographs. 

Image and video via Van Neistat