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Spring Dreaming: A Macro shot with a 180 year old lens

3/06/2024 Matt 0 Comments

For me, the snowdrop is the first sign of spring. And when I see them bloom I know that spring is close and the beautiful time of the year is in front of us. It’s not there, but in my dreams it is. That's how I came up with the idea. And a dream has to have a dreamy look. If you want to buy this plate or see it in person, visit me at the Vienna Vintage Photography Fair.. You can also get your tintype portrait taken there.

I put a lot of time and energy into this project to achieve the result I had in my mind. I always have to go all the way. This can be exhausting, but it’s the only way I know. Besides that, it's also not the easiest thing to shoot a macro with a 180-year-old lens. I was so happy to see the result and this assured me that all the efforts were worth it. Join my Patreon page if you want to get more background information about how I created these plates.

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If you guys want to experience yourself how a tintype is made and own a one of a kind wet plate, please contact me via my website

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