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1/12/2011 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

I have been following to  The Sartorialist for a two years, when I discovered it in ffffound,  an image bookmarking. I did not know who was behind this website.

When I watched  this video a few days ago in others blogs, I was not sure to include it in the magazine, because it could give the sense that we copy the contents.

But yesterday, when I was reading the Chase Jarvis´blog, I watched it three o four times more and then I thought I had to analyze it. And the results is here.

He uses only natural light, he visualizes the scene and he selects the perfect angle, that in this case is against the sun.

Scott uses his hand as a gobo to prevent the flare.

He get a visual line with the cars on the right and the sun light defines the woman against the background.
To get a perfect exposure of the model, it is probably that Scott uses in the camara  the spot metering. With this he got  not underexpose the woman.

With this technique he got that ethereal pictures.

But, if you believe that it is not enough, I think so too.

Here you have the book.

The most important thing is that he only uses avaible light, no flash, no lights, only he plays with locations and how he founds the perfect angle to shot the model.

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